Written Submission to Markham City Council:

14 December 2021 Council meeting - Lobbyist Registry

(PDF version)

Andrew Yu 211214 Markham Council submission - Lobbyist Registry

To Members of Council:

I am writing in support of the City of Markham establishing a Lobbyist Registry. I ask that Council approve the implementation of a Lobbyist Registry in principle.

Being a measure that increases transparency and accountability in the City's governance, a well-functioning lobbyist registry can be a valuable tool in the ongoing process towards eliminating systemic racism in Markham. In many instances, lobbying has the effect of entrenching opaque "old boys' network" type power/influence relationships through quid-pro-quo arrangements and other manifestations of elite capture. This impedes efforts to ensure the perspectives of diverse communities are properly considered for the issue subjected to lobbying, with disproportionately negative impact on racial minorities and other disadvantaged stakeholders.

Having served as Chair of Markham's Race Relations Committee from October 2018 to April 2021, I continue to advise that Council adopt all appropriate measures to promote inclusive diversity and eliminate systemic racism in the city. A lobbyist registry is one such measure that deserves Council's support.

Thank you.

Andrew Yu